Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Napoles issue dragging politicos out of the power grid

Politicians and even Malacanan probably heaved a sigh of relief when only a handful of people went to Edsa today to protest about the pork barrel scam. Well, people already expected a very thin gathering today so to speak, because many people really doubted on the real motive of people behind this rally. For one, the one talking to reporters is not a political neophyte. Those in the know knows who junep ocampo is, and incidently, he happens to be a political public relations practitioner. I'm his friend, and i dont care what motivates him or who hired him or what. The point is, the rally today is not well attended primarily because it feels like the issue is being forced to mature and mature quicky.

During the time of arroyo, Pr operators of the palace launched their own "rallies" to lessen the effects of legitimate ones.  Though it is very early to tell, but many people told me that this one feels like that.

What matters most to people now is the resolution of this issue, and most want all political actors in this real life sarzuela to suffer the consequences, even death, period. The elites of this system is finding ways on how to manage the people's anger and frankly they are doing a very bad job.

Honestly, the people of this country have been robbed so many times before. Read your Phlippine history and you'll find of a golden arenola issue heaped against a president's wife, the corruption of another president and his family. Since the time of the ilustrado dominance of philippine political system, corruption and widespread thievery have been most featured.

What differs from the corruption of the old politico to that of the new one is its brazenness. Old politicos do it with grace while the new poiiticos steal from us openly and even using the law as a justification for large scale theft. From the very first ilustrados to the new politico, this thieveryremainsnthe same, yet more sophisticated.

I am realy thankful that God put yabang in the heart of napoles. Her haughtiness will bring this goevnent down.