Monday, September 9, 2013

Zamboanga Seige by MNLF caused by mismanaged peace talks

The mismanagement of the peace negotiations with Bangsamoros in Mindanao is the direct cause of the breakout of violence in Zamboanga perpetuated by the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).

MNLF elements led by several Suluanons affiliated with Nur Misuari has just occupied some portions of Zamboanga City. Last August 12, Nur has just declared independence and declared himself President and Chief of the MNLF armed forces. The government ignored this overt action and continued ignoring the MNLF.

Probably, the government is under the false belief that Misuari's group is no more and they continue talking with Muslimin Sema faction. The Sema faction has the old guards of the MNLF. What they don't know is that Misuari's group has just consolidated the young commanders.

Abdul Sahrin, Secretary General of the MNLF faction does not support Misuari's armed action. They continue to support the flawed peace talks of the government.

Had the government invested in hearing the sides and viewpoints of all stakeholders in the area, this would not have happened. Blame ideology. The Deles faction is affiliated with the Akbayan which has direct and strong links with the MILF, not the MNLF. This explains why no deal was entered into with the MNLF. First, an erroneous analysis of the MNLF and risks of not negotiating with them and second, a misinterpretation of the entire Bangsamoro problem.