Wednesday, October 16, 2013

INC vs. Pnoy text spreading like wildfire

A text purportedly sent from the highest echelons of the Iglesia Ni Cristo is spreading like wildfire among the brethren. The text, which I was also given, states this:

" Ipinakita at ipa2kita ang pagkakaisa ng mga kapatid. Nahaharap sa matinding paguusig ng pamahalaan ang IGLESIA sapagkat ang ating presidente na walang utang na loob kung hindi dahil sa atin wala siya sa pwesto nya. Ipinahold ang mga materyales para sa dome na ginagawa sa Bulacan. saan daw tayo kumukuha ng budget para sa pagpapatayo ng malaking dome?
Pass to all inc."

I revealed this text shortly after verifying from several co-INC members that this text is a BOGUS TEXT.  If this happens to be a true order, I would not, under pain of death, share this with you, my readers.

According to my sources, there is no such text authorized or allowed by the INC leadership. This text spread like wildfire when the INC held its medical and dental mission last Monday.

Besides the text actually tells of a previous disagreement between the INC and the Pnoy Aquino administration a few months back.

Based on several accounts, the story goes that several imported construction materials were stopped at the Bureau of Customs. These construction materials are to be used for the big arena being constructed by the INC in Bulacan. One of the scrupulous Customs men wanted to get a quick buck out of it. All of the papers of the INC were legal. These were stopped by certain Customs men, not knowing that these construction materials were imported by the INC.

Again, this is according to some sources, President Aquino sent his trusted secretary, Secretary Butch Abad to INC Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo. There are conflicting reports as to this "visit". Some said that Manalo did not receive Abad. Others say, the two met and had an understanding.

This is just one of the issues which reportedly marred the relationship of the INC with that of the palace.

Another one concerning the collection of taxes.

As a religious organisation, the INC is exempt from paying taxes. However, under the law, its ministers are subject to taxation through income tax. Again, according to sources, Henares' men have been harassing some INC ministers, and trying to include property taxes which, to my legal mind, is part of church property, hence, are exempt from tax. Henares' men, however, think otherwise.

There is another "malicious" news which came out that says that Henares is asking the church leadership to pay taxes for the land which the arena now stands. I don't know if this is true, but the BIR is reportedly asking the INC to pay for the property taxes, along with the donation's tax, something which are, again, exempt from taxes. And even if these are not exempt, I doubt if the INC will not pay these obligations, being good Christians.

There is a doctrine in the bible which says that good and true Christians ought to follow the laws of the government. INC members are always encouraged to follow the law and recognize authority. Those who frown upon authority or do not recognize this, are warned and eventually expelled afterwards.

It's very obvious that some group or somebody is trying to fan the flames so to speak, between the INC and the Aquino administration. Who is or who are these groups?