Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Cassandra under Pnoy's reign

I just cannot help comparing Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago with that of Cassandra, the fatal character who opposed the entry of the Greek Horse that led to the fall of Troy.

IN spite of the repeated announcements by the Iglesia Ni Cristo leaders that their medical and dental missions were of no political relevance and consequence, Miriam still held the belief that it has political undertones.

What with placing a million people to surround Malacanan? What with schools within the vicinity be ordered to accommodate close to 2 million people (Manila police estimated it to have reached 6 million)? What with every single corner and streets entering Malacanan was filled to the brim with believers of the Iglesia?

Political undertones? There is nothing political in giving free dental and medical services to those in need. These things only turn political when politicians do this. ,

What is there to fear with more than six million people marching and "storming" Malacanan? I likened it to a giant composed of people who set his bow and pointed it against the hapless Pnoy.

News are circulating of a text which came from the INC leadership lambasting Pnoy and calling for a people's revolt.