Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Anonymous Filipinos

I used to be anonymous until someone told me that people need to know who I really am. They just don't get. The reason why I write as Patricio Mangubat is because I want people to understand what I am fighting for. I want people to realize that it is not the medium that is the message. The message is still THE one important. IN these times of great darkness, what is important is for people to realize their slavish condition. That they are slaves of the elites. They work not to get themselves rich, they work for the owners of the companies they work at. The monies they get from their work, they pluck it in the system just to enable them to survive the day. For many of us, it is a hand-to-mouth existence. Yes, the small sums we save, we save them just to allow us to get additional days to our lives. What we don't realize is this---we must work not just for ourselves but for the future of our kids. IN these times, we cannot simply do that precisely because the very system prevents our economic growth. this system tightens our shackles as slaves, as merchandise even. The message that NPR wants to tell people is---we need to change this system. There will be a time when the Day will shine upon our faces and reveal our true selves. That day will come, yes it will.