Monday, November 4, 2013

COA says inspite of 11 billion pesos, Philhealth performance still dropped

Just a month from now, and many in this government hopes that the public will be able to forgive it for stealing billions of pesos from the taxpayer's coffers. Christmas is just in our doorstep. Historically, many analysts believe, people forget about issues when Christmas comes. This includes the pork barrel fund mess. Never mind if the people in government continue to line their pockets up with monies not their own. Fact is, the Commission on Audit says that in 2011, President Aquino used 270 billion pesos, 17 billion of which was given to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, while 11 billion pesos were given to Philhealth. Aquino propped up the BSP funds during the financial crisis. While the monies did not stop the hemorrhaging of Philhealth funds. Philhealth performance dropped. Inspite of this, Philhealth authorities managed to give themselves 1.2 billion in bonuses. Many GOCCs, which were lined up by close friends and associates of President Aquno, gave themselves hefty and fat bonuses and allowances. When the rest of us content ourselves with our salaries. Not only Philhealth who gave themselves bonuses, even the MWSS inspite of lowering the bonuses and allowances of its employees, and the Development Bank of the Philippines or DBP. It's really Merry Christmas to most of our government officials.