Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Waray Spirit and How the BIR tries to squeeze every juice out of it

I saw the outpouring of support from the global community for the Philippines. Peoples from all walks of life are continually opening their wallets to support the rehabilitation efforts for Leyte, the birthplace of my mother. Even musicians and Itunes have decided to compile songs for the Philippines. Check it out. I already bought myself a copy.

Businesses in Tacloban are starting re-open. People are starting to use their monies to buy things to reconstruct their houses and their shattered lives. This would not have been possible without the support of the international community, thirty nations, all united to help those affected by super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).

Ask around, and everyone believes that Leytenos, all Warays, are a resilient people. Warays will not give up in a fight. He will struggle until he accomplishes what he intends to do with his life. No one, except God, can ever conquer the Waray spirit.

When everyone is trying to help and lend a hand for the Waray to get himself up once more, here comes our own government thru the Bureau of Internal Revenue or BIR rejecting appeals from businessmen for a tax moratorium.

BIR Commissioner Kim Henares flatly rejected appeals for a tax moratorium in Leyte. I understand where Henares is coming from, but, for God's sake! Everyone in the world saw how a supertyphoon obliterated most of this province, and every single human in this world of ours tries to at least contribute towards its rehabilitation, but not this government of ours!

I understand that Henares is a tax person but I sure hope she's not like those Jewish tax persons during Christ's time, oh no, who were villified because of their heartlessness.

It's like Henares kicking in the butt a man who is already down and out. Those Waray businessmen are not asking for a year's tax moratorium--they're just asking for at least a month or two of tax moratorium. They're not even threatening not to pay taxes, oh no. The Warays pay their debts to government. Of course, as every single Filipino out there, the Warays also expect a fair and similar justicious treatment especially coming from their own government.

It's wrong timing for the Madame of all taxpersons.

Henares should ran after those who do not pay their taxes willingfully, not those already being sapped of their energies by an unfortunate Fate. It even appears that this government is laughing itself to the Treasury every single time, there is a catastrophe or a disaster. I refuse to believe that this government  earns so much from our miseries.