Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pnoy has awakened from his stupor and the refugees along Roxas Boulevard

There are exciting things happening right now that, unfortunately, I am not at liberty at disclosing all. What is certain is that this president is dead serious in reforming the system. When I realized that certain persons are being given nation-building tasks, I told myself that there is still hope, somewhat.

What our people need is something new, something that will give us, hope. What happened in Leyte will have a catastrophic effect in the entire country very soon, as peoples from Manila and the rest of the country have relatives who died or affected by this natural disaster.

Try to drive along Roxas boulevard and you"ll find numerous tents set up by refugees from Leyte. Ask around and you"ll know that these people were victims of Typhoon Haiyan. They were so traumatized that they followed their instinct and decided to leave their hometowns. They don't have relatives here.

The entire country is still in a state of disbelief. Most want to leave our country. I know of some who want to migrate and live in another country.

President Aquino should put his act together and at least bring a message or sign of hope for all of us.  What things Pnoy should do for the next few weeks that would bring hope for all of us:

1. Call for a Cabinet reshuffling. I don't know what prevents this President from doing this. Hey, there are a lot of controversies already happening in his cabinet that it is time to convince some to retire.  What is so wrong with asking some people to leave his cabinet, especially if these people prevent him from doing the right thing?

2. Ask GOCC officials to tender their resignations. Hey, the head of the mwss, this Esquivel, is reportedly very close and "very influential" to the president, he, being a bosom buddy of the President. Yet, he is actually causing so much trouble at the MWSS and his actions even threaten the condition of the metro's water distribution system. Esquivel is a contractor. He got his wealth by dubious means, according to some people.

3. Continue appointing new blood in the bureaucracy. We need fresh minds to tend to the old problems of the bureaucracy. When Pnoy appointed Fred Mison at the Bureau of Immigration, changes immediately happened there. Revenues were even exceeded.

I just got word that those whom he appointed at the Bureau of Customs are all honest men, especially, Ariel Nepomuceno, the deputy Commish of the Bureau's enforcement unit. We need more of these people, and less of the Esquivel kind.