Wednesday, December 11, 2013

On Meralco rate hike: Why use Malampaya funds to finance a collusion?

we're heading towards a precipice
It is clear---the Department of Energy as well as Congress discovered a collusion between and among energy generation firms to simultaneously put their power plants into "maintenance mode" so that power rates would increase. This "collusion", according to findings, involve the Energy Regulatory Commission or ERC.

The question is--why is Malacanan pushing for the use of Malampaya funds considering that the evidence of a collusion is strong? Why not order the ERC to just withdraw their earlier decision to grant Meralco the rate hike?

The more logical thing for Malacanan to do here is to order the ERC to explain and punish those responsible for allowing this travesty to happen. Is this not the mandate of the Palace, to combat graft and corruption in all its forms? There is a clear collusion here which affects public welfare.

This is why it is totally questionable why the Palace and even its political ally, Senate president Franklin Drilon are all gung-ho in proposing for the use of the Malampaya funds to "subsidize" this rate hike, which was created by a collusion.

The palace and Drilon are one in saying: " Okay, since the collusion already happened anyway (meaning, naloko na tayo), we just have to grin and bear it. We need to pay them anyway for the damage they did to us. Hence, please allow us to use the billions of Malampaya funds."

Bull. Crap.

These power generation plants are owned by the country's top elite families. They are close to the Powers that be.

The coal being supplied in these generation plants are being supplied by Paul Aquino, yep, the presidential cousin, father of Senator Bam Aquino.

Very strong and highly influential, yes? Other owners of power generation firms are either relatives or political allies of this administration.

So, you know now, why we need to pay Meralco of its exorbitant request? Yes, there is a collusion, but, according to Malacanang, so what? Pay these assholes with Malampaya funds.

What a day. whew.