Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pasay City--one of the most dangerous places on earth

Pasay city Libertad st--dangerous
Several days ago, my ten-year-old daughter was held up by a woman who posed as her teacher. It happened at 3 o'clock in the afternoon in the very busy street of Libertad in Pasay City.

My daughter and her classmate were waiting for a jeep ride when the woman accosted them. She told them she was a teacher at their school. She convinced my daughter to go with her at Victory Mall, which is a small mall connected with the Pasay public market.

The fault of my daughter was she’s so trusting. I asked her why, why did she and her classmate went with this unknown woman? She told me the truth—the woman poked a knife at her side. She cannot scream for fear of being stabbed by this woman.

I checked the place where the incident happened and found out there was two PCP or Police-Community Precincts in the area. PCP 4 of the Pasay City Police is, actually, at the first floor of the mall. The other one is a few meters away, at the other side. Traffic enforcers were, likewise, in the area.

Useless PCP 3
So, why this woman managed to steal my daughter’s cellphone? It turned out the woman had two accomplices—a driver of a passenger jeep and another thirty-year-old something woman. They were riding a passenger jeep without any passengers. They planned to abduct my child.

I asked around and found that several abductions have been reported but no police response. I do not want to think that police elements within the area are all in connivance with this group of child abductors.

Child abductions even in such places as the Ateneo de Manila university in Diliman are rising. There are reports also that the police are erasing entries in their logbooks. Crimes are on the rise. What is the police doing about it? Fortunately, my daughter eventually decided to call for help. When the woman ran away with her cellphone, she screamed. It was then that the police found her. She was asked to report it to the police.

PCP 4 in Pasay City
My daughter is still lucky, but how about other girls or victims of abduction? I surmised that these incidents are not being reported.

PNP chief Alan Purisima and his men are sleeping on the job. We are paying them good money and for what?

Come December 20, I am thinking of going out at night with my professional camera to document the crime-filled nights not just in Pasay but all over Metro Manila. I will expose what I find.

I think that we are being led to believe that everything is in order when the truth really is, crimes are increasing by the day, and we are on the verge of a serious societal breakdown. I hope I am wrong. I will post what I find in a video website. News outlets are free to download the videos if they like. This will be my advocacy from this point on. I want to find this gang, and this woman who stole my cellphone. I want the truth exposed.