Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Other erring Pnoy officials should do a Biazon

At the very last moment, Ruffy Biazon Jr did what others are deathly afraid to do---resign when his integrity as a person was put in question. For that, his father, Congressman Biazon, a former General and soldier should be extremely proud of his son. At least, inspite of this accusation that his son was once involved in this pork barrel scam thing, Cong. Biazon should salute his son because Ruffy did a most Honorable thing--give up a lucrative post so that he can now concentrate on clearing his name.

I am proud of Ruffy. He did well. He probably realized that a name or reputation is most valued than money or power.

For that, I salute Ruffy. As an honor to his family name, whoever among these government officials do the right thing, that will be described as "doing a Biazon."

Now, the question is---how many of these close Pnoy officials are ready to do "a Biazon"? How many of them, especially those accused of graft and corruption, or those slapped with charges themselves, have the will to do a Biazon?

One example---this person by the name of Gerardo Esquivel, the head of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System. I heard that the labor group filed 11 counts of graft and corruption against Esquivel before the Office of the Ombudsman, yet until now, Esquivel remains as the head of this agency.

Yes, probably, Esquivel can stay since he manages a regulatory agency, not, say, a very sensitive post as, say, a Cabinet official or a Judicial officer. However, eventhough he is not occupying a post which directly affects other agencies of government, still, his post is an appointive post which depends on the trust and confidence of the President.

How then, will the President ever rely with Esquivel, knowing full well that he has committed graft and corruption during Pnoy's term and has the temerity of even reportedly bragging the President's sisters as his backers?

Where is the adherence to Pnoy's tuwid na daan when this person, again according to my labor sources, continue to mishandle government funds, particularly the MWSS corporate funds, by hiring consultants and the like?

How many of Pnoy's allies have either criminal or admitrative cases? I can think of one---Nereus Acosta, who also continues to head the LLDA. How about Comelec commissioner Padaca who remains free inspite of being held accountable for misusing or abusing public funds when she was still governor?

At least, Biazon had the "hiya", and credit that to how he was raised by a loving General of a father. These people remain in their respective posts inspite of the fact that they have caused shame and have  faltered in their jobs that people now curse or blame Pnoy for all these mess?

Budget secretary Butch Abad should file his resignation after justifying a patently illegal disbursement system called DAP. How about this person whose name is Zenaida Ducut? Ducut is very controversial for having two benefactors---Arroyo and Pnoy. She continues to head a government regulatory agency inspite of being implicated in the pdaf and other sordid affairs, according to sources.

If I'm these people, I'll resign. Imagine, how shameful it is, if you continue to stay in a post all because you are close to Pnoy because of him being your partner in a gun competition or you happen to be friends with his sisters, or you are a "classmate"? If that is your only qualification, then, best that you leave before you further add to the misery of this President.

Actually, if you think about it, President Aquino is such a nice guy that deserves nothing of these problems. I mean, if these people who claim to be his friends let go of these lucrative posts which they were assigned to out of "personal preference" and not because they are professionally competent, then, I think Pnoy would regain the People's trust and confidence. As things stand right now, the people have all but lost their respect to the President because of a series of blunders and missteps committed not by him, but by his friends. If all his friends resign, the President stands a good chance of getting rid of them thru a tedious process of appeal and reconsideration. Honestly, this governnent is really not being taken seriously by a lot of people because they know the weakness of this President. IT IS TIME FOR THE PRESIDENT TO KICK BUTT.