Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Maneuverings inside the Pasig's Most Famous Mansion

Seems like the last few years of the Second Aquino administration will see the ascension of well-meaning and idealistic groups from the "shadows" to the forefront.

Groups who initially backed up the candidacy of President Aquino are now ascending the rungs of power, while those aligned with highly political groups are slowly being eased out. The Power Center is changing. These maneuverings are meant to arrest the slow decline of President Aquino's trust and popularity ratings.

By the way, the Aquino administration's performance against graft is now, officially declared, a failure. International groups have shown numerous surveys indicating that graft and corruption remains a problem for the Philippines, an obvious sign that Aquino's efforts have failed for the past three years. It does not mean though that the entire campaign is a failure. These things just say that, yes, for the past three years, nothing happened.

I think Aquino wants a new phase in his administration, something that will define his legacy for the nation. Hey, the chance of a third Aquino ascending to the presidency is nil. So, the next three years will define what the people interpret as the Aquino years in power.

Really now, Aquino is the only president who once enjoyed the widest support from differing and different groups in Philippine society. These groups are mostly supportive out of their desire to really institute reforms in the system. Among the current crop of leaders, Aquino is the only one who shows promise. This president is open-minded. This president has his heart at the right place. This president, given a chance, has the strength of character enough to resist temptation. This president, shows heart.

What really affects his performance is when politically inclined interest groups enter into the picture. These groups want only two things from Aquino---money and power. They do not have the interest of the Nation at heart. This explains why graft remains very active in this administration because of the presence of these people who remains loyal only to their basest interests, and not the interest of Aquino.

If I'm really a friend of Pnoy, and my actions or continuing presence in his cabinet or in an appointive post harms his reputation because of my own actions, I will tender my resignation. Kung pabigat ako sa pamahalaan, ang pagbibitiw sa puwesto ay isang karangalan.

It is now time to dilute the influence of these highly political groups within the Aquino administration, and highlight now, what non-political groups can do to arrest the slide of the people's trust behind this administration.

There is still enough time.