Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Reasons why Pnoy and Mar went at SM North EDSA to inspect a Martilyo Gang caper

I asked people around about their thoughts why President Pinoy and his local affairs secretary Mar Roxas went to North EDSA to inspect a robbery incident. When I learned the news, one thing flashed in my mind--whoa, they did it when an LPG leak blew a Serendra unit away. They got there in minutes. They also did that when a pork barrel scam artist Janet Lim-Napoles decided to surrender.

Now, the duo just got at North EDSA in minutes, from whereever.  Ironic, is'nt it? When a major catastrophe that killed thousands of ordinary Filipinos, the duo took two or three days before they even decided to go there and inspect.

Okey, so what were the reasons why Pnoy and Mar went to inspect the crime scene at SM North EDSA.

1. Pnoy and Mar watched a classic detentive movie, and they thought of role playing. (smacks of sleuth king Sherlock Holmes)

2. Pnoy was deathly worried that the engagement ring he wanted was one of those stolen by the Martilyo Gang.

3. Pnoy and Mar thought that some of the missing Imelda Marcos pieces of jewelry were among the loot.

4. Pnoy and Mar wanted to find out how the Martilyo gang was able to go unnoticed inside the mall and accomplish the caper.

5. Pnoy and Mar thought that a group of rebels were holed up at SM North EDSA.

6. Pnoy and Mar have been thinking of better ways on how to ply open government vaults.

7. Pnoy and Mar want nothing more than see themselves as poster boys against crime since crimes are rising due to economic difficulties experienced by the masses.

8. Pnoy and Mar were competing in a race to be the first to arrive at SM North EDSA coming from Bahay Pangarap.

9. Pnoy and Mar were there on a look out for a sale.

10. Henry Sy ordered the two stooges to go to his mall and find out if there is truth to the rumor that the Martilyo gang was able to enter his mall and steal all those jewelry.