Tuesday, December 17, 2013

World Bank says elites control most RP resources---as if we don't know

The World Bank just confirmed what we know for centuries--that our small elite controls most resources in this country. And the reason for that is the system.

This system which we live in is actually designed to benefit those already in power.  We are powerless. The ones who control the power are those whose bloodlines are either Iberian or Chinese.

The thing is--whatever we say, they are all Filipinos. They are not foreign nationals. Yes, they may have "foreign blood" but those born here, are all considered Filipinos.

Of course, the solution is simply change the system. That is what the World Bank is telling us. See this link for more.

Elite families control most resources through their family corporations. As you know, family corporations are closely knitted organizations that it hard for it to morph or change into something new. That explains why, the more we demand for change, the more traditional we become.

We must resist elite control and rule by simply changing the game. How do we do that?

Expand the middle class ranks. The middle class must rise up from its stupor and challenge the elite families. That is what happened in 1896. The transplantation of the new elite is always after a catastrophe.  History tells us that new elites spring from major political or societal events.

Our history shows us three (3) monumental "shifts" in power---the first one, in 1896 when the traditional and purely Iberian elites were ousted from power and replaced by "Filipinos" and backed up by a new colonial power.

The second shift is post-World War two. War killed some of the elite families. Yes, the war devastated our country and destroyed most structures. Yet, it allowed a new breed of individuals to ascend to the rungs of economic power thru hardship, skill and a little access to capital. The reconstruction efforts also opened society to the entry of the nuovo riche.

The third shift actually happened in 1986 when a new group coming from the opposition assumed power. The new group does not belong to the traditional propertied classes. They were allowed to assume power for the traditional elites to regain their economic resources.

Now, the conditions that sparked the rise of the Communist movement in the late sixties are present.