Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Napoles and her associates being chaffeured by high government officials

Seems like people directly linked with this Pork Barrel scam enjoy privileges never before seen in Philippine politics.

Example---Janet Lim-Napoles. When she "surrendered", the President himself chaffeured for her. President Aquino called on all his presidential guards just to guard and ensure that Napoles reach Camp Crame on time. There were two alibis which were put forward about this---Aquino wanted nothing more than see Napoles' mug shots or Aquino was deathly worried about the humongous traffic at EDSA, that justifies the use of the PSG.

And now this...

Imagine, a senator being "chaffeured" by no less than the interior secretary, who brought him to the house of the president just to chat and share breakfast of ham, tocino and what-have-yous.

Nothing sinister about this except that this thing is considered unethical and probably not entirely illegal. Senator Bong Revilla's revelations show a President reportedly asking him for his vote directly. For Revilla, that is unethical. The question really is--why now, and why did he not reveal it when the impeachment trial was still on-going?

Asking someone's support is called "lobbying". Is the president barred from "lobbying"? No. That is precisely one of his jobs, he needs to lobby because there is this thing called "separation of powers". The president does not have any influence or power over legislators, thus, there is that thing called lobbying.

I thought then that Revilla was just a film-maker, not a professional or amateur painter. Revilla wanted to paint a sinister landscape when he met the president. He even wanted us to believe that he met the president for the first time. My advise to the good senator is---abandon all hopes of becoming a painter and just stay as an actor.

Let's just tell it like it is--Bong Revilla wants to salvage his chances of running for the vice presidency. He knows his chances are getting slimmer by the minute due to this scandal.

Before, calls for a "Bong-Bong" or Bong bong Marcos and Bong Revilla, as president and vice president respectively was a legitimate slogan.

Now, that's all boinks.