Friday, May 23, 2014

Father who killed daughter and posted killing at his Facebook page

Government must do something and conduct a survey study about mental illness in the country. That father who killed his young 7-year old daughter is probably either mentally sick or a drug addict. Yet, I really don't believe that he is mentally ill because he still had the gumption of posting the photo of his dead kid in his Facebook page.

Whatever motivated that father to kill his daughter without even thinking is for psychologists and sociologists to study. The father said he remembers consuming Red Horse beer before he realized that he already stabbed, and killed his daughter.

There were gaps in his memory. In law, it is what lawyers call a "mental episode", when someone's mind just goes blank and there is no continuity in his narration of events. Based on reports, the father was blinded by pure rage, which reason, is still unknown as of this day.

Many people are calling for the reimposition of the death penalty, they too blinded by their rage after seeing what this murderer did to his own kin.

Calling for the death penalty in this case is like following what this father did to his kid. Learning of such stories make people see red and demand the same despicable thing.

Instead of killing this murderer, let him suffer perpetually in jail. When he wakes up from his mental stupor, he will now realize the gravity of his sin, and will be punished forever by the thought that he, himself, murdered his own blood.

That is more severe than wasting thousands of electricity over his body.