Thursday, May 22, 2014

Someone got rich using those Napoles and Luy list

Coffee shop habitues are now talking about how this person got rich just by dangling a so-called list that shows who among our present politicians got rich by Janet Lim-Napoles.

One politician reportedly gave as much as 7 million pesos to this person just so his name would not be included in that nefarious list.

This person does the rounds reportedly without the knowledge of his friend and former client.

Talks abound that the reason why this person concocted this supposed list is to get back at one big politician whom he had a previous altercation.

It is obvious that this so-called "list" was sanitized. Go back to previous issues of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, especially the ones published in the first week when this issue exploded into national proportions.

The Inquirer already published a list and it named more than 200 people.

Now, the justice department says that only about 80 persons are involved. So, which is which? Those 200 people named or just the 80? As far as the justice department is concerned, they want to prosecute only 80 people.

There is one incriminating evidence against this person---he was caught conversing with a very public personality and trying to sell to this person his "service"---that of not including the person on the other line in this supposed "list".