Friday, May 30, 2014

On with the trial of Janet Lim-Napoles and her cohorts in government! Now na!

I read Janet Lim-Napoles' second affidavit and frankly, I don't see any reason why we, the people, should dignify such a piece of crap.

For one, the affidavit contains scant details of her transactions with people. Two, the affidavit paints her as an innocent participant in a systemic wide scam that involves practically all Tom, Dick, and Harry that ever took part in Philippine politics and three, the affidavit is meant to prolong the delay in the prosecution of Janet.

How can you claim innocence and maintain a wide-eyed look at anything beyond a billion pesos? I mean, come on.

That affidavit meant to bolster Janet's assertions that she should be made a government witness and be granted immunity. Immunity? The law says immunity only for the least guilty, not to the one who faked all those papers and used all those fake NGOs.

She says that she was just used by politicians as a conduit so that these greedy ones can partake of the people's monies through projects. Who gave these politicians those NGOs? Janet. Who made a systematic way of disbursing all those monies to those politicians? Janet. Who initiated those ghost purchases and projects? Janet. Who followup those SAROs? Janet.

Besides, it does not take a genius to scam people off. What Janet did was not as elaborate as what her lawyer wants us to believe. The reason why so many people are now angry is the fact that the scam was so simple. It is its simplicity and utter brazenness that angers people. Imagine, you just faked all those accomplishment reports and that's it?

Even a simpleton such as what Atty. Bruce Rivera describes Janet, can actually do such fakeries. Reading even the investigation reports, one will definitely conclude that it is not an elaborate hoax. Janet's operation is simple.

Politician and her agrees on a project. Project included in politician's plea to the Executive for budget. Executive agrees and includes project in annual budget proposal. Politicians approve of budget proposal. Proposal signed by Executive. Executive asks BIR and all revenue-collecting agencies to raise amount as stated in proposal. BIR remits to Treasury. Treasury allocates and communicates to DBM. DBM allocates and comes out with SARO. SARo authorizes release of funds. Janet gets funds and distributes to politicians and others, including Executive. Funds released without any project accomplished. Pure, simple, naked, thievery.