Thursday, May 29, 2014

Will pork barrel scam lead to Middle Class Revolt in Philippines?

Is there a brewing middle class revolt in the Philippines?

For us to answer this question, let us be realistic and admit that everything that happens in a society have someone in control of it. Meaning, there is simply no miracle that happened at EDSA and whatever "miracle" only existed in the minds of those who think of it as a romanticized political play. EDSA was a game played by the elites of this country who detested one-man rule because it disfranchised them economically. EDSA was a time when both disfranchised political players and economic giants came together and decided that it was time to end martial rule because they were at a point when the negative effects of dictatorship disallowed them to further expand and that new players were being allowed to play the game as the dictators' proxies. These proxies, who felt and exercised power themselves, want nothing more than assure their forward step to power.

Anyway, there is never a time when mass movements here sprung without a group controlling its movements. For one, there is never a natural progression of people's anger. The people's anger is always directed at something.

That May 2003 revolt which broke out in Manila shortly after the coup against former president Joseph Estrada was initially considered as an afterthought. It, however, had several leaders responsible for the uprising.

For a middle class to assert leadership and make a vanguard out of it, there must be a sizeable number from its ranks to fill in the leadership shoes, ready and able to make the extreme sacrifice, that is, sacrifice their futures just to wrest power from the elites.