Thursday, June 26, 2014

Alcala charged with graft

A group charged Proseso Alcala of the crime of graft and malversation of public funds. Of course, the question really is, will the President even mind this or lend his attention?

President Aquino seemed convinced personally that he has maintained a well-behaved cabinet. Look at his cabinet. With the exception of a very few who were actually appointed to their posts due to political considerations, no one in the original list of personally handpicked Cabinet members by Aquino encountered difficulty or was booted out of office.

Every time that someone in his cabinet was attacked, the president was there to defend. Maybe in Proseso Alcala's case, it would be different, and the president looks at this thru objective lens?

Alcala's widescale corruption stinks real bad that the smell even reached the noses of businessmen. As a Quezon native, Alcala should be very well pack his bags and go while he still can.