Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why Pnoy erred when he did not make Nora Aunor National Artist

I don't know what came over President Aquino's mind when he suddenly decided not to make Nora Aunor a national artist. Maybe Aquino was part of those who consider Aunor's work as "bakya"? There was a time I think during those teeny-weeny booper stage of Aunor's and even of Vilma's careers where people consider their work as trash rather than smash. Most people think otherwise of course, especially those producers who rake in millions of pesos from gate receipts that these two make.

There was a point in the lives of these two former teen stars that they suddenly changed, from screaming, fainting frail girls to mature, tough, even sexy at a point, women. Aunor's and even Vilma's lives exemplifies the ordinary lives of Filipino women---from fashion conscious gals to responsibility enabler girls. Aunor and Santos deserves our praise.

I was informed that the reason why Pnoy rejected Aunor's nomination as a National artist was the fact that Aunor daw was a former (or continuing) drug addict. Okey. Fine.

Are we now changing the rules that what we are judging is the person, not his body of work? I mean, come on. So, are we saying that national artists should actually be both "saints" and "artists"?

I mean, everyone knows how vile Jose Garcia Villa is, but still he is a National Artist. Did we judge him based on the number of expletives he so spew to both recognized friends and condcmned foes? I can cite more but what's the point?

We know of the "very private lives" of several of our National Artists yet they became one because those who looked at them, looked beyond them.

Nora Aunor, like other Filipinos, chose the life they want to live. They want to live like slaves. However, that is what makes Aunor one of our greatest because whenever she steps in that stage or when the first light opens and the curtains lift up and one sees Aunors face in the middle of the screen, looking at her, looking at her eyes, make you realize that this is not the Aunor you read in the papers but someone who says she is at that very moment.

I don't know, but that is exactly why we consider such fine thespians like Aunor great because they can immediately situate you to the condition of the person they are playing just by looking at you or just by moving a part of their bodies.

Of course, Pnoy does not know and would probably not understand what I'm saying because like any other people, hey, we just base our judgments on what we see at that very moment and what the past had allowed us to see.