Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bong Revilla's juvenile rants

I miss the good ol' days when Senate sessions were still held at the old National Museum. Back then, senators debate on serious issues and they trade barbs with obvious wit and sometimes, charm. The Senate was then, the intellectual hub, the pride of every single one, and the center of aspirations of many who wants nothing more than prove that they have what it takes to be a Salonga, a Diokno, a Recto, an Osmena, even, a Marcos.

Now, the Senate is the laughing stock of the Nation, a veritable dumping ground of popular rejects. Since the nineties, when it transferred home, the Senate has lost the luster it once had. No more intellectual exercises, but more of the sick antics of such characters as the Young Panday and his valedictory address prior to his eventual arrest for reportedly helping himself with the people's monies.

All we hear are the pickup lines of a supposedly intelligent senator, seeing a former bar topnotcher wasting the people's time playing candycrush, listening to a comedian cum senator plagiarizing someone's intelligent quips and a former top cop denying his gender preference, and the rantings of a son of a former president who denies stealing the people's monies.

The worse thing to hear is when a senator turns that distinguished podium into a showbiz presscon, playing his valedictory song and even thanking his handful of paid hacks demonstrating infront of the Senate.

These people have besmirched the reputation of our beloved Senate. It is time to get the Senate back.