Saturday, June 7, 2014

President Noynoy does not get it when it comes to justice

Seems that there is something really big happening in the next few days. For one, even the Defense secretary Voltaire Gazmin was heard appealing to the defense establishment, meaning the soldiers to "focus on their jobs, instead of being distracted by the pork barrel scam." Gazmin probably knows something we don't.

Even the President is granting "ambush interviews" with ready-made answers and a prepared Janet Lim-Napoles' letter ready for media consumption in his possession. Rarely do Palace reporters interview the President who, in the past few months, was so busy that he is only seen in public appearances and does not grant media interviews. Now, he is trying to defend himself against accusations that he too, dipped his fingers into the anomalous PDAF scam.

The President is probably being given faulty advice. The issue now is what many sees as "selective justice" in this entire charade. Meaning, this administration is gung-ho in prosecuting its political enemies caught with their hands inside the Napoles' cookie jar but is equally defensive of those allies who committed the same thievery.

What the president fails to see is that the people hope that he really assumes neutrality in all of these things. Being the head of government, Noynoy should be the paragon of good conduct and ethical behavior. He must forget that he is a member of the Liberals and the Hyatt 10 group members are his friends. He is President of the Republic now, and his foremost priority is to see that justice is dispense for and on behalf of the people.

The issue is even in justice, there is politics.

Filipinos are highly sensitive when it comes to the issue of justice. Many Filipinos suffer from injustices almost every single day. They see injustice whenever they buy highly priced foodstuffs, pay exorbitant electricity bills, the highest in the world, and get cut off of their communication when they fail to pay the bill at the exact time. They see injustice when they see the schools of their kids being granted tuition fee hikes every single year while the quality remains the same.

They see injustice when they pay for LRT fares after suffering extreme heat in queue for hours and they see injustice when the tires of their cars get destroyed over potholes in those low quality roads paid for by their road users' tax.

And when Filipinos hear that even those taxes which the Bureau of Internal Revenue are being stolen by a former radio shack operator by the simplest of fakeries, and of their "Honorables" enjoying their loot without any care, and of even the blessings of God through those oil being dug in those seashelves being toyed with, with nary a care, who then, would not think of finally telling government to "shove it" or "time to explode or abolish every single vestige of injustice."

Those three senators might probably be guilty as hell, but same goes to those others now enjoying immunity because they're either Kaibigan (Friend), Kamaganak (Relative), Kabarilan (co-shooter), Kapartido (meaning: Liberal), Kainuman (drinking buddy) or Ka-gimikan sa Kababaihan (hard to translate).

The minute this President realizes his mistake, then, and there, the people would recover their trust and faith in government.