Friday, June 13, 2014

Gigi Reyes, Pauline Labayen and other pork suspects' accounts are no more

If you look at surveys, these polls will tell you how disgusted people are about the pork barrel scam. And when people realize that those involved in this scam have already secured their loot, meaning, they already transferred them to a safe haven already, like what Gigi Reyes, former chief of staff of Senator Enrile did and even Pauline Labayen, former girl friday of Senator Jinggoy Estrada, what would you feel?

The Manila RTC already checked and found that the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) have failed to secure or freeze these assets. This is the problem. Courts should have taken cognizance of these assets and froze them even during the investigation stage of this criminal offense because these people are not mere private individuals--they are government employees or individuals working for government. Government should, even by mere suspicion of impropriety, move to secure these accounts from intervention.

Now, calls for the recovery of the stolen funds are snowballing. The problem is, there is probably no more to recover since these assets, these accounts would now be untrace-able. Except of course, if these thieves tell the truth before the court and surrender the things they stole from the people.

While we entertain ourselves with rants and chants, these scumbags do their homework. Nothing wrong with being angry and expressing one's disgusts.

These times do not anymore call for expressing disgusts and hate. We are already past that stage.

This stage should be about recovery and redemption of what were stolen.

This is what the Kilos Kaayusan led by UP economics professor Benjamin Diokno is trying to tell the public---we need to ask government to do its best in recovering these stolen assets before those involved in the scam  launder them.