Friday, July 4, 2014

Bongbong Marcos as President?

Four years ago, I was one of those who witnessed a very unique event---a politician playing sax. Yes, we heard already Cabinet members and politicos belting it out like Sinatra but we haven't heard anybody playing any instrument.

I was invited and it was the eve of filing the certificate of candidacy for national posts. There were just four of us and I would not mention my three other colleagues, except to say that they are likewise very active in blogging.

Anyway, it was a nice event. We were invited to attend this dinner at a yatch while the sun sets over Manila bay. Quite a romantic thing right? And quite symbolic because the one who invited us happens to be the scion of a great man villified by his own people for years.

Who would not want to attend a night of music with no less than Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr.? Of course, you'll ask---Bongbong playing the sax? Wow.

This is not exactly new for me because everyone knows that if you're a student of Oxford, you'll not just be a man of letters but likewise, a man of the arts. But, the sax? Of course, really now, that is something different.

Bongbong or Bonget for others, BBM for some, has his lovely and endearing wife with him, the lovely Liza. Liza was so gracious to accommodate me and my wife. We were ushered at the first deck of this 3-tiered yatch, which according to sources, were rented out for the occasion.

They served the food. Nothing fancy or extravagant, just the usual stuff.  After a few drinks, we then went up, at the second deck and found a whole musical set there. Some middle aged musicians were there. They heat up the event by playing some rock music.

And then the major event---Bongbong Marcos with his sax. He appeared somewhat self-conscious, probably worried on what people would say about him. Filipinos, they say, are judgmental.

Anyway, one of musicians then introduced Bongbong and what do you know---the guy can really play! I don't remember anymore what he played about but the guy knows how to play the sax and for me, that is one thing I remembered about him---he poured his soul into his music, something very endearing.

Bongbong Marcos for president? Sure.