Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Boom panis sa Palusot ni Pnoy

President Aquino got three boom panis reactions from ordinary citizens shortly after his long winding defense of the DAP yesterday. Seems like the masa did not quite understand what he is telling them. Pnoy claims that the masses benefitted from the DAP. Yet, those who were supposed to have benefitted from the funds misallocation are the ones disputing his claims.

I really cannot understand why it is very hard for Pnoy to admit that their acts were wrong. I think the people will accept his apologies. People will even admire him because it takes a lot of courage for such a powerful man like him to admit a mistake.

The only thing really is, will he then allow himself to submit to the legal processes? If he will be transparent and present those 162 projects funded by DAP,then that's one step in the right direction. The other is, will he allow his budget secretary to resign? These are things expected of them since he is the first president to use morality in governance as it's dominant policy theme.

I also cannot accept the President's logic that he just merely followed the practices of his predecessors. Pnoy has projected himself as a reformist leader. The public expects him to be different.  Don't tell me that Pnoy intends to differ in some issues and follow the same wrongful tack as the others?

If that is the case, then, all these talk about being different and of treading the Tuwid na Daan are all bull.