Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Coup against Pnoy how true

Many people are now discussing why President Aquino suddenly became emotional and lambasted many of his critics, even used words such as " they will not win" and " surely we are many against them who are a noisy few" in his recent State of the Nation address.

Was the president a receiver of reliable information pointing to a destabilization by way of a coup d'├ętat? Is the president referring to information suggesting that several groups which supported him during the 2010 elections are now in cahoots with those who want to oust him? Is there a valid reason to worry?

Coup rumors were used before as tools to rally support behind a beleaguered administration. There are reasons why such rumors assume virality. First, the state instigates it either to divert attention of the public or determine groups still supportive of the administration. Second, the rumor is true and it is being spread to discourage would-be actors. And lastly, the rumor is contrived to put pressure on the administration to agree on something.

Admittedly, this administration is undergoing a very serious problem of credibility and trust. The reason is licit---it has bungled the handling of the anti-graft campaign, particularly the DAP issue. What appears to be an honest to goodness cleansing process turned into a political vendetta of sorts. The president's insistence that what they did with the 172 billion pesos of the people's monies was a good move that benefitted the nation was received by the people with a grain of salt and mostly, of disbelief. Moreso, the administration continues to assert its righteousness when it is obvious to everyone that the campaign to purge the bureaucracy of misfits and big time thieves is anchored on a holier than thou presumption. Meaning, they cannot be accused of corruption because they have declared before the people that they are committed towards tuwidna Daan or straight path.

Bull. Crap.

There are just two rules which the elites of this country accept: one, if you declare that you want to cleanse the bureaucracy of graft, do so by being as blind as LadyJustice. Lastly, when you accuse someone of impropriety,make sure that you and your friends are innocents.

Effects of Trillianes sounding off

It was senator Trillianes IV who actually "blew the whistle" so to speak, when he publicly declared that a coup is being hatched by retired generals connected with the previous dispensation. This was fueled by another revelation, this time by former Magdalo members who backed the claim of Trillianes.

Malacanan meanwhile tried to downplay the Magdalo revelations, even using a part of the President's speech that the number of coup plotters are dwindling due to the measures being undertaken by the administration.

This was followed y another public pronouncement by the newly appointed AFP chief of staff who said that the military is happy because of the on-going modernization of the military establishment. What general Catapang was referring to was the secured funding the AFP thru the DND got from the administration.

Now, here comes the bomb.....are all these rumors true?

These rumors achieved conventional acceptance when former president Fidel Valdez Ramos met his former 1986 Edsa ally, Juan Ponce enrile behind close doors in camp crame. As you know, enrile is now in jail for allegedly stealing billions worth of Pdaf funds. This meeting was not reported by the media but nonetheless went the rounds of coffee shops. What were discussed, no one knows. There were insinuations that these two old timers are cooking something big.

Then there were pronouncements which came from the Estrada camp which suggested that the former president was unhappy with the recent incarceration of his son, Jinggoy. After this, the Estrada camp went on a silent mode.

A columnist of a prominent broadsheet suggested for the establishment of a national transition council,something very familiar with the previous call of various anti arroyo groups at the height of the impeachment.

Now, understand that events in this country happens almost and always deliberately. As they say. When there is smoke, there is fire. The question is-- do these rumors have at least some semblance of truth in them?

Or are these rumors being floated about to pressure this administration to do or not to do something,possibly connected with a multi billion deal or deals which some private business interests are involved with?

Surely, these so called coup plotters are moving not because of righteous reasons oh no. Groups to do a coup in protest of DAP? Crazy. There are far deeper reasons why some groups would even dare float sucha rumor or rumors.

And i'll bet my bottom dollar that if there are groups moving, they are moving either motivated by shadowy business interests or they want concessions from the Aquino administration.