Thursday, July 31, 2014

Trillianes' revelation--Coup in aid of 2016

Rumors are swirling that members of an alleged branch of the Guardians supposedly under the leadership of former general Danny Lim is preparing to move against the Aquino administration. Lim is formerly connected with the Aquino administration.

Lim resigned as a deputy commissioner of Customs alongside former Congressman Ruffy Biazon shortly after President Aquino lambasted Customs for alleged corruption. Some members of the Aquino administration even leaked information that Lim was reportedly "petitioning" for another post, seven times in the past. No news about Lim surfaced after his resignation.

Several groups, including the Association of Generals and Flag Officers or AGFO, has denied any plans or even receiving any information about a destabilization plan. Even former AFP chief and now Congressman Rodolfo Biazon denied getting any information about a destab plan.

Former AFP chief Edilberto Adan even said that retired officers of the AFP have the right to express their sentiments and views under a democratic society but it does not mean that these retired generals are planning or cooking something.

Even former AFP chief Hermogenes Esperon who got a highly public entanglement with the Aquino administration early on, denies anything about a "coup". He even described Senator Trillianes IV pronouncement as "barber's talk."

The question is---is this administration expressing paranoia? Or Trillianes is using this coup talk as means to get himself once more in the frontpages of papers and television?

It seems like it--that this coup talk is merely a means or someone even said, in aid of 2016.

Fact is, there is a strong possibility that this "power grab", if it happens at all, is what people describe as a "self-coup." Why so?

Everyone knows that investors are worried about continuity. This administration has shown a despotic tendency, a tendency to disrespect other institutions which expresses a contrari view of its actions.

Is this administration laying the ground work for a self-coup? That is not a remote possibility.