Saturday, July 19, 2014

Is government in control of the country's power sector?

This administration says that it achieved much economic growth when it used the Disbursement Acceleration Program. What growth are they talking about when we can't even assure continuous power supply?

Seems like this administration is hallucinating when it boasts of improving the economy. Maybe it did when it gave every single sectoral group out there tons of cash. Even rebel groups such as the Moro National Liberation Front and the Cordillera People's Liberation Army, armed groups fighting government forces, were given their own share of DAP funds. The bad thing about this is that who is responsible for accounting those billions which government just spread around?

Had government dispensed those funds building government run power plants or just improving the power sector's capabilities, then, we probably do not have these power supply problems. The thing is,is government still in control?

Every single component of the local power sector is controlled by private hands. Power plants are privatized. The national grid is owned by another private firm. And the distribution of the power generated is likewise controlled by a private entity, which is Meralco.

In the power sector industry, if someone from these firms want to blackmail government, all that person needs is to sabotage his operations. This shows that privatization has its ill effects, especially in relation to the use of its sovereign power. As it stands, privatization weakened government.

Likewise, this administration likes to say that the economic situation is okey when it cannot even guarantee the stability of electric supply. It is time for government to rethink its policy of privatizing the power sector industry. Since government claims that it had billions of pesos worth of savings why not use these funds to ultimately and decisively build a solution to the lack of power resources.