Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Impeachment complaint jump starts ouster moves against Pnoy

Civil society has now taken a stand reflective of the rising discontent against the Aquino administration. Yesterday, the House endorsed the impeachment complaint filed by 38 individuals all belonging to civil society. And no one else to blame here except those close to the President who want to protect their own hides, and even willing to sacrifice their principals just to avoid being jailed.

Three things that really infuriated everyone regarding the DAP issue. The first one, the seemingly callous stance of Aquino himself, protecting his buddy, Butch Abad. Abad, who is tagged as the architect of the DAP, is incommunicado. His publicists say he's busy creating ways and means to probably insert DAP-like microcreatures in the proposed 2015 budget, or so they say. Several members of civil society have asked Abad to resign for decency and face the consequences of his acts. Of course, the former Congressman refused.

Now, even this is not an option anymore. Even if Abad resigns right now, that will not stop the tsunami of the people's anger against this administration.

The second thing is how the Communication team mishandled every single thing now. Malacanang's spokespersons, two of them officers themselves of the court, tried to divert the issue and even raised the eradication of the Judicial Development Fund (JDF). Of course, they failed. Worse, they allowed the President to address the nation, reading a script that was full of holes and false hyperboles and white lies that further enflamed the people. Aquino even appeared like an idiot, calling for his Yellow Brigade instead of calling for unity of forces. Shortly afterwards, the Communications secretary himself, Sonny Coloma, downplayed and even encouraged people not to put serious thought on what his principal, the Chief Executive himself, told millions of Filipinos in that bolched nationally televised speech.

The last thing that really pissed everyone off is how the President refuses to admit he committed wrong and continues to exhibit tyrannical tendencies. He even invoked the spirits of his parents while forgetting really what they sacrificed their lives for.

In his speech, the President says he will sacrifice his life for what he believes is right, the very same patriotic act his parents did. What we all know is that the reason why Ninoy came back and bravely faced the lethal bullet was his righteous indignation against one person's dictatorial streak. One man wants to be the no. 1 law maker and implementor, so that he can play with the people's monies.

Pnoy is doing what his parents hated. Pnoy is toying with the people's monies the very same way Marcos did when the former dictator was still in power.

As they say, when someone is drunk with power, how will he be able to steer the government into a "tuwid na daan"?

No more dictatorships, except that of the People.