Wednesday, July 23, 2014

No to emergency powers to Pnoy! Trillianes, you're a disgrace!

Emergency powers? Papaloko ba tayo?
Carlos Jericho Petilla probably forgot what he conveniently told the public several weeks ago--do not be alarmed, we have enough supply of electricity to satisfy the country's requirements.

Now, Petilla is a changed err crazed man, going around town and preaching another mantra--emergency powers to the President! Petilla, with his lackey, Samar congressman Evardone who used to be the talking head of former president Gloria Arroyo for any issue that requires the support of Congress for any Malacanan issue, is trying to threaten us with a worse situation if emergency powers is not granted.

Alongside Petilla is, again a surprise, former defense contractor cum Senator Antonio Trillianes. Trillianes wants nothing more than emergency powers to his beleaguered buddy, President Aquino.

Of course, we know where Trillianes is coming from. Since he is gunning for the vice presidency, he needs finances to fund his political enterprise. Maybe he has a group of investors interested in entering the lucrative power sector, willing and awash with cash.

I remember Trillianes IV telling the people when he won the senator-ship that he intends to stay in his post only once. Now, he is on his second term and worse, trying to convince us that we need him as second fiddle for the presidency.

Maybe its Trillianes the fifth now talking and appearing in public instead of the Trillianes whom we loved when he took a definitive stand against the Powers in that Oakwood incident. Or that Manila Pen catwalk incident.

Anyway, Communications secretary Sonny Coloma denies that Malacanang is behind efforts to grant Aquino emergency powers. Kaw naman, Mr Coloma, you want to fool us. Petilla is your drummer boy now. Don't tell me that this is not discussed within your circle? Who are backing Petilla up? Hindi ba this balimbing Evardone and Aquino ally, Trillianes? This just shows that a propaganda roadshow was agreed upon and don't tell me President Aquino does not know about it?

Emergency powers entail extraordinary conditions. Our lack of enough power supply has been an issue since 2010 and even years from that. When our very own Energy czar admits and throws up his hands in defeat, this just shows years of neglect and mismanagement on the part of the Aquino administration.

For four years, this administration did nothing or probably very few solutions were proposed to solve this lingering problem. We have been in crisis for years and today is no different than what we have already experienced some years back.

And this neglect and lack of leadership are expected since for 2011 to 2013, this administration was busy toying with the people's funds thru the DAP.

Curiously, why was no funds were used from the DAP to fast-track the building of power plants, in the first place? This administration focused on giving funds to rebel groups killing soldiers instead of funding power plants?