Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Drunkards manning Malacanang? What course will the country go when drunks steer tuwid na daan?

We all know what happens at Bahay Pangarap. Yes, that place is literally a house of "dreams". Some people say it has turned into a beerhouse.

Not surprising since those in the palace like nothing more than drink themselves practically to dreamland.

During the time of former president Erap Estrada, the official time in the palace starts at 1pm and onward through past midnight.

What differs now is that at least in Erap's time, the spirits just stays in their stomachs, not in their heads.

Today, we now have drunkards who are not just lovers of Johnnies and wines and single malts--they think themselves as Kings who lord it over Philandia.

They think that they own this country, that they can twist the laws for their own sakes, and get away with it.

Those spirits must have been brewed by malevolents because those in palace are now drunk with power.

How the hell will you explain their refusal to at least respect the decision of a co-equal branch of government? The Supreme Court decided that their hair-brained idea to reward friends and demolish foes called DAP or Disbursements Against Protestors, err, Disbursement Acceleration Program is unconstitutional. The most decent thing to do is acknowledge the wisdom of the Court while maintain  a belief that the DAP is not a thing that went beyond the contemplation of the Constitution.

Instead, like a drunkard is expected to do, the President himself went public and chastised a co-equal branch like a Hitler damning the Parliament to hell. We know what happened to Hitler. Hitler was not just drunk with power--he eventually lost his mind.

I don't wish this President to lose his but what he is doing now threatens the very democracy he is supposed to protect.

Rule of law is a pillar of this democracy. How will people now render every decision of the Courts when the No. 1 Citizen of the land refuses to acknowledge their wisdom?

Democracy is anchored on the concept of respect among branches of government. The very reason why the Founding Fathers contemplated on breaking government into three coequal branches is for the prevention of tyrannical rule.

Equilibrium is maintained by every branch respecting acts of other branches. How will this be now that the Chief Executive distributed public funds like those funds are his?

As the band Who sang, " we don't get fooled again".

Judicial review is a power longed with the Supreme Court and other courts, according to the Constitution. This power is given to the Courts so that acts in excess of jurisdiction or the lack of authority of another branch are reviewed and are following the Constitutional guidelines.

What the Supreme Court does is for everyone to respect and follow the law. The law is the ultimate equalizer. If we don't respect the law, how then will everyone conduct themselves now, with anarchy?

Absence of law leads to anarchy and tyranny. Disrespect of the laws means anarchy. Control of the levers of the state only shows tyranny.

This bunch of drunkards now controlling the Executive are now full of malevolent spirits in them that they refuse to pay homage to the Law and instead, be the Law themselves.

Worse, the Chief Executive himself threatened a coequal branch with destruction should the Tribunal still refuses to "toe the line" with them? What else do we describe such behavior but unbridled tyranny?

Who is now in control of Malacanan? Where else will we go when the very ones steering the country's ship are drunk with illusions of power?