Friday, July 11, 2014

Refreshing to hear Senator Ninoy Aquino February 15, 1981

Not a few tears shed. How my soul longed for another Ninoy Aquino! Great men are really prophetic ones. Value their words. Heed their warnings. Save our country, please!

Ninoy spoke before a throng of people that fateful day of February 15, 1981, a few months before he went back to the Philippines unto martyrdom.

I reviewed his video tape and the cruz of Ninoy's speech is the lack of constitutional basis of the actions of a single man. Ninoy lambasted President Marcos for doing acts without constitutional anchor.

Let this be a reminder to all those who believed in Ninoy. Ninoy fought for the Rule of Law. Ninoy fought for democracy. Ninoy fought for what is Right.

Those who professed to have believed and loved Ninoy and did all these things contrary to what he envisioned this country to be, please take a look at this speech.

Those who betrayed his vision, repent. And that includes you, Mr. Noynoy.