Saturday, July 12, 2014

Toyota Pasong Tamo Service Center scandal

I take back what I told a survey firm about Toyota Pasong Tamo service center. I've been a client of theirs for the past year, spending thousands of pesos just to get what they call quality service especially in PMS or preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance, as the name suggest, is something auto service centers do so that your car will remain in tip-top condition.

Toyota even boasts that after their PMS, you'll get back your car as if it was brand new.

Okey, so now my car reached 20,000 kilometers already, fit for a heavy PMS. When I got my car, I noticed something "sliding" after Toyota Pasong Tamo service center reported that "nothing is wrong with my Fortuner 2013".

Trusting them, I ran my Fortuner and drove just here in Metro Manila. Lo and behold! After 500 plus kilometers, I noticed that my clutch is slipping.

I then went to the Toyota Pasong Tamo service center now and what do you know? I need to replace my entire clutch system and for how much? 21,000 pesos.

I asked the service guy what's the use of PMS when they cannot really identify what is to be maintained in the first place since PMS is just "cursory checkup", nothing more.

Well, I normally do that every single day. What is the different between what I'm doing with what they are offering?

I sensed that Toyota is really just fooling the people. That this so-called PMS is just a marketing ploy. That they are just after my money and the rest of the innocent motorists out there who go to their shop for "maintenance."

The worst thing about this is, where will I lodge a complaint? Will CAMPI or this automotive industry association hear my complaint? Is the DTI the proper party to hear my complaint?

Tune in to my next entry...I am not done yet with Toyota Pasong Tamo service center.