Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Burdens of the Presidency and the lack of direction

Former Aquino supporter Juana Change describes the situation very clearly: that Aquino's "Tuwid na Daan" will only get the nation farther and farther to its lethal end--a cliff.

That is probably what other former Aquino allies think right now--that this so-called morally based political play is nothing more than a ruse meant to hide the true intentions of those who are very close to the President--that of enriching themselves using public funds.

That wanton use of savings says it all. There is no more argument--those who mouth this melodramatic line are now being haunted and being accounted for by the very people who believed in it. And for all these, the President is not spared from this accountability.

During Pnoy's SONA speech, the president was trying to relive those times when he was still enjoying the people's trust and support. Those times, says Aquino, prompted them in the administration to fast-track projects meant for the welfare of the people.

Pnoy thanked all those who are still behind him, without even asking himself why these people are still with him. There is now an ongoing battle in cyberspace between those who continue to profess their yellowish sensibilities with those who were formerly yellow ribbon wearers but now rage when they realized that the very Leader himself had already abandoned the cause in exchange for the fidelity of his closest friends.

Pnoy's hard-headedness is making his life more difficult and more risky. His communications team is trying their best at justifying his DAP actions by saying that most of those funds went to good causes anyway and there is nothing to fear.

When people arrogate the power to control public funds to themselves without the people's sovereign delegation, that is a legitimate reason to fear. When powers are enjoyed by a few without the people's licit agreement as expressed in a law, something is terribly wrong.

Pnoy and his political allies are acting like sovereigns. They refused to admit wrongdoing, and they show every indication that they will take steps that will avoid the possibility of them being jailed the minute they leave public service.

But this is exactly the very thing that aids in their condemnation.