Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why President Aquino did an "Arroyo" in his SONA speech

Pnoy's fifth SONA speech was a tearful one
Presidential sister Balsy describes Pnoy's emotions during his SONA speech as a somewhat a "farewell speech", while Communications secretary Sonny Coloma thinks that the president was just seriously affected by what he said in that speech.

Two viewspoints of two different people, which describes in part, what Pnoy actually went thru when he was giving his speech. Professor Clarita Carlos, who was manning the DZMM booth as a resource person thinks that there was something terribly serious that happened shortly before Pnoy went to that podium that prompted him to somewhat digress to what he was originally saying.

Some people think that Pnoy was just affected in two parts of his speech: when he was describing the legacy of his parents and when he was describing how God gave him a second life shortly after surviving an ambush attack by rebel soldiers in 1989.

Analyzing the speech, Pnoy is generally asking the people to forgive him and his administration for toying with their funds. Probably Pnoy reached this realization when he saw thousands of people now asking for his head, the very same groups which helped propel him to the Presidency.

Or, as another analyst said, maybe Pnoy fears for the inevitability of him getting the same fate as those that befell his two predecessors, who were accused of malversation of public funds the minute they stepped out of Malacanan?

I can't stop myself comparing this scene yesterday with that of Arroyo when she addressed the nation in that fateful 2004 post-election month.

While admitting and confessing her sins before an angry people deprived of their legitimate right of suffrage, Arroyo tried to assuage the raging feelings of the people by shedding crocodile tears during that special broadcast.

Obviously, the iron lady was unrepentant and the people saw that when she said that famous line, " I am sorry." She was not really sorry, says the people--she was just acting the part.

In Pnoy's case, those were real tears shed. The only question is--were those tears shed because of repentance or were those tears for perceived fears?

The bad thing about this is the fact that probably Pnoy did not benefit from the sins of his friends and allies. Budget secretary Butch Abad defended their use of the DAP by saying that those funds were used to fund uncompleted projects.

Some people shared that Pnoy was terribly very loyal to friends, and that loyalty even borders to a fault. Those funds were released when friends, especially contractors and business allies, pressured him to release the entire funds of projects these people were involved with government.

Arroyo did a sacrilegious and most despicable thing---she stole not just the monies of people--she even stole their voices, the only precious thing which the People hold dear.

Pnoy will face a most damning fate in the near future for defending those contractors and friends whose interests lie on cheating the people out of their monies.