Friday, July 25, 2014

The Trillianes Version and his role as Aquino's choir boy

"natutuwa ako pero magulo utak ko"
It pains to see Senator Antonio Trillianes the fourth acting like a choir boy before millions of his fellow Filipinos yesterday.

I don't exactly know what "version" of a Trillianes appeared before the Senate inquiry into the DAP yesterday.

Was it the "reformist" Trillianes who made a banner and a splash when he made Manila Peninsula his fort and last stand-off? Or that Trillianes who even threatened to unleash those implanted bombs at Oakwood, in protest over Arroyo's acts?

Or, was it a "constitutional" Trillianes who goes around town, defending a program which has already been viewed and interpreted by a co-equal branch of government as "unconstitutional"?

Or, a "politico" shaking hands, kissing babies and promising every Juan dela Cruz salvation the minute they elect him?

Or, a promise breaker who announces before the world that he will only become a Senator once and will not anymore seek any re-election or will not even gun for a higher post?

I sincerely do not know.

Maybe, it was the "Trillianes" who once dabbled in defense contracts as an AFP officer? or maybe, just maybe, it was not the Trillianes the fourth speaking, but the Trillianes the fifth and the sixth?

Trillianes is a disgrace. He has prostituted himself before the elite, and has enjoyed the perks of power. Trillianes is one of those who benefitted immensely from both DAP and PDAF.

I think this is a drunk Trillianes speaking before us, drunk by power and relishing every single moment of his role as a legislator.

What has become of the "idealist"? That young man who energized the country with his avowed promises to lead them towards true reforms?

What happened to the "revolutionist" who once rocked the very foundations of this aristocracy with his shouts of change?

Now, he serves as an apologist, a sick mouthpiece of a sick order, a man who tries to justify an illicit act by using that oft-repeated line of "good intentions"?