Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What democracy?

Which is better? A democracy run by hell by honest men or one being run by self-moralizing demonic, crazy and money craving idiots?

Apologists would say, better a democracy run by hell by honest men. So, that means that democracy is always and perennially, chaotic?

The problem really is when democracy is interpreted along moral lines, that is where confusion starts.  People confuse chaos with democracy because everyone thinks that whatever he does, whatever acts he does for as long as it is in the name of capitalism and in the name of rights, there is nothing wrong.  An act which does not harm another, eventhough millions suffer because of it, is democratic.

Democracy is nothing if it does not serve the very will of the People. The people need order. The people need an orderly society so that they could live the life they so desire. Without order, democracy is nothing but license to do things for the benefit of a few.

Laws are supposed to lay down order. If laws are not followed, then, what is the use of it? If laws benefit only those with power and money, what is the very purpose of studying, creating and implementing laws? No purpose at all!

Those who think that this Disbursement Acceleration Program is okey should check in with their psychiatrists. The Highest tribunal already declared it unconstitutional. Why do we need to justify something illicit by giving the alibi of good faith?

What democracy is this?