Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Why Filipinos crave for a Marcos

Conrad de Quiros wrote that Imelda Marcos must be "delusional" when she wished another Marcos in Malacanan.

It is just a wish, says de Quiros which is next to impossible to happen. Just remind yourself of Meldy's 3,000 shoes, those billions kept in all those secret vaults and those paintings of some of the world's most revered artists being sold in auctions, one will readily say that Meldy's wish is something that will never happen, not if the people are to be asked.

I understand where de Quiros is coming from--he's writing inside the comforts of an airconditioned room somewhere in Quezon City and oblivious to the chaos around him. Or, he has kept all these insanity locked away in one portion of his brain while feeding his mind with all sorts of Yellowish fantasy that convinces him still of apologizing for the sins committed by the very people who wanted nothing more than keep the Masses as their slaves for more than twenty years.

We accuse the Marcos family of massive corruption when we allow hundreds of Marcos mini-mes getting their own slice of the people's monies for years while maintaining dignified faces.

We accuse the Marcoses of destroying democracy when for the last thirty years we allowed anarchy and plutocracy to take hold of our land and allow a few to benefit from the taxes the people worked hard for.

We accuse the Marcoses of wallowing in stolen ecstacy when for the last 30 years we see these Marcos accusers with their hands perennially inside the people's cookie jar.

We accuse the Marcoses of stealing our precious cultural heritage when we, for the last 30 years, destroyed every vestige of proud Pinoy and turned it into a slavish Pinoy culture?

We accuse the Marcoses of creating chaos, and killing thousands when we, for the last 30 years caused the destruction of the Pinoy dream, allowing thousands to wallow in extreme poverty and many of us slowly dying due to hunger and poverty?

What are we to be proud of? We are proud of being the first people to oust a dictatorship and replace it with our very own version of anarchy?

Is this not anarchy, when we see our very own leaders violating the Constitution, the Will of the People, just to get what they want?

Take a quick look at the greying landscape and point to at least one infrastructure project out there that is not part of the former dictator's plans of bringing back the country in its own two feet? Point to me one glorious project implemented during the past twenty five years after the dictatorship that is not at the very point of deterioration or disarray?

Just take a quick look at our airports. How about our roads and highways? One short example is that 24 kilometer stretch called EDSA. That avenue tells a twenty plus year story of missed opportunities, of disappointments and surely, of graft and corruption.

Read all those contracts entered into by government and just tell me what is left of all those industries built by the Filipino people shortly after World War two that is not in private hands?

Do we have an industrial complex? Do we have even a steel industry? Do we even have a solid food security plan? Do we have a strong political infrastructure?

De Quiros would probably say that " well, we are now living in a democracy and whatever state we are in, deplorable as it seems, but there's nothing like democracy."

Bull. Crap.

Democracy is supposed to assure a good life to its believers. In our case, democracy was used by several greedy men to buy all those utilities and industries the People built for themselves but are now being used as platforms for gain.

This perverted interpretation of democracy has allowed not a few evil men and women to allow corruption to thrive and socio-economic problems to persist so that they will be able to steal the People's monies. As they say--government is keeping these problems so that they will allocate funds for those band-aid solutions that amounts to practically nothing.

Rising prices of commodities continue and enterprising traders continue their merry ways because government remains weak and helpless. Identify just one name that got the brunt end of justice after violating the laws of the People?

There are now 34 million Filipino families suffering from poverty and about 4 million of them just barely surviving because of the few thousands of pesos the government gives them every month. Govermment gives all those monies but the number of poor people kept rising. Then Malacanan used Malthus' argument and there flies every other solution away.

Why is it that not a few Filipinos now crave for order? Tell me one good story during all these past 20 years that has brought us to the point of societal order?

There is order because many of those who opposed dictatorship are now sitting under a goldmine of the people's monies.

There is order because the bureaucrat capitalists that the dictator obliterated during his reign are now enjoying the largesse they so stole from the people since 1986.

Will you blame the people from having thoughts of electing another man who they expect to put order into things?