Sunday, August 3, 2014

Beautiful daughter of Senator eloped with son of close FG associate

Who is this beautiful lady, daughter of a Senator, who reportedly eloped with her lover, a son of a close associate of First Gentleman Mike Arroyo?

This lady, who reportedly made a 180 degree turn and gave up her inheritance just for love, is allegedly already married with her boyfriend. The marriage contracted abroad is reportedly solemnized by a petty embassy official of the country where they are in.

The boyfriend once ran and lost in an election. When he gave up his budding political career, he turned his sights on the beautiful lady who was reportedly his crush in college. They met years before they decided to elope.

Why elopement? Well, several high society pals of mine shared how the Senator expressed disgust over the affair. The legislator even described the affair as "horrendous" because the family of the guy is reportedly a family of "thieves." The guy's father has a case before the Office of the Ombudsman.

When the family disagreed with the affair, the lady became defiant and even told her parents that she will never give up her relationship with the guy. She even told her mother that she is ready to give up her security detail and pay for her own, which she eventually did.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with the affair. The lady and her boyfriend are of age.

When she suddenly disappeared from the limelight, her publicist spread the news that she left for studies abroad. Actually, she did went abroad, in a lovely European country for lovers, not to study but to be with her lover who is now her husband.

The couple is said to be always on their toes since the Senator is against the relationship and even went to the extent of telling several people to monitor the daughter's movements and if possible, convince her to return home.

Well, the daughter is awash with cash, after liquidating her inheritance and of course, getting talent fees from being a former celebrity. With millions (even billions, some say) under her name, she can even live permanently in that country for as long as she and her husband want.

The only question now is---she is reportedly with child. Will the Senator's heart melt when the daughter presents her lovely baby several months from now? We shall see.