Friday, August 8, 2014

Exodus of Liberal party members on! Major party splitting

Several members of the Liberal party, and that includes a group of veteran politicians from Luzon and the Visayas are planning to bolt from their party. Reason---they disagree with the things happening within their party which they say, threaten their own political survival.

Consider the very words of their presidential candidate Mar Roxas--their bet wants nothing more than extend the very term of President Aquino. Mar Roxas' wish is both cryptic and borders on the illegal. Cryptic because it seems that Roxas himself is throwing in the towel and is admitting before the public that he is not the guy worthy enough to replace Pnoy. And second, everyone knows that the term extension of the president is something illegal and constitutional.

Seems that the Liberal party ranks are desperate already. The chance of their bet snapping up a win in 2016 is as remote as the North pole. Mar Roxas' rating is a disappointment. For one, it is not moving even a notch despite what his handlers are doing. It is neither dropping or rising, meaning, it has reached its maximum and therefore, has plateau-ed. This is the most dangerous thing to happen for a political candidate--when your numbers have reached a dead end.

Surely, in a span of a year, and your numbers have not moved an inch, that is an obvious sign already that the candidate does not have a Chinaman's chance of winning the elections.

And if you have a losing candidate with you, it affects your political standing in your territory. Instead of benefitting from the blessing of the so-called top honcho, the act is even detrimental to your own campaign. Who will invite a losing bet to endorse a local candidate? That rubs off.

That explains why several LP members are floating another configuration--either a Kiko-Poe or a Binay-Mar. There are even suggestions of a Drilon candidacy, which, again, is an unwinnable possibility.

Are we seeing a major split in a major political organisation sometime soon? Yep, you guessed right.