Friday, August 15, 2014

Issue is not just about Pork--it's now Abuse of Power!

ScrapthePork network wants the people to go to Luneta on August 25 to protest against pork. Much as I want to go there, but the issue now is beyond the misuse of pork.

People must now militate against the unconstitutional use of Power.

Besides, why are they getting signatures for charter change? This is a dangerous thing. I am extremely doubtful about their real intentions--they want to use the people's initiative as a way to change the charter. That jibes with the palace intention of tickering with the Charter.

I think this group will just use these signatures to justify what the palace has been shouting about--the people's alleged demand for a second term for the president.

What well-meaning groups should protest about is the plan of the palace to get more power to perpetuate themselves in power. That is the issue right now.

Whatever some people say--that the President's pronouncement that he is open to another term is just a ruse--I still say that it is the duty of everyone to stand up and count himself in opposition of this very infantile thought.

Someone tried to assuage my feelings by saying that every President does that: announce that he is running again or is salivating for another dig at Power at the very end of his term to avoid the perception that he is now just a lameduck president.

How serious is the president in claiming for another term? His public announcement mocked the very words of his spokesmen and even his siblings, Kris Aquino and Balsy who even said that when the President did the SONA, he was practically saying goodbye or was on the verge of preparing for a valedictory address.

If President Aquino pursues this ridiculous and highly dangerous thought, this idea of a second term thru a cha-cha, there is actually no more time to do just that. For one, Congress will be busy discussing the five impeachment complaints lodged against Aquino. While mulling on whether those complaints are sufficient in form and substance, Congress will likewise do its primary job of reviewing the proposed nearly 3 trillion national budget.

Some believes that the President is just playing a game or put forth what many say is a red herring. The palace has successfully convinced the media to shift their attention from the anomalous DAP to other issues. Malacanang is trying to distract the public so that their attention is focused on other things rather than the anomalous disbursement acceleration program.