Sunday, August 24, 2014

Liberal party hitting Binay directly

Is it true that die-hard loyalists of Mar Roxas are now openly funding the smear campaign against Vice president Jejomar Binay? That's what the United Nationalist Alliance or UNA's accusation is. UNA spokesperson Toby Tiangco even said talks between Binay's camp and those of the president are being sabotaged by a small group of Liberal party members close to Roxas.

What this writer heard is that several members of the President's inner circle are trying to influence Pnoy not to endorse Binay and instead, keep in the tradition of a president endorsing one of his cabinet members. Pnoy was so convinced by his classmates' suggestions that he gave the blessing for some of his political allies to hit Binay the hardest.

That explains why Senator Trillianes IV is going around town, trying to ruin the vice president's reputation, picturing him as a trapo with a billion peso graft scandal.

There are reports which show how fractured Malacanang is right now, with one group trying to block Binay's access to the President and another group, close family members of the Cojuangco clan, wanting nothing else but for the president to nominate Binay as his candidate come 2016.

What is certain is that this inner wranglings will definitely lead to one result---a major split between the President and Binay. Yes, the Binays are personal friends of the Aquinos, but you know politics? Like in showbizness, there are no permanent friends in politics. When power is in the trading block, friendships dissolve like wafer.