Monday, August 25, 2014

Why you need to go to Luneta today

While I write this, several of my friends are already up and about, and are preparing for today's historic activity, which is, of course, that rally in Luneta.Various groups have all expressed their intentions of leaving the comforts of their homes and again, reliving that feeling a year ago, when the first stories about how several government officials abused the people's taxes came into fore.

Of course, today should be different. A year ago, impromptu organizers of the march stopped people from expressing their anger. Now, people are definitely angry because they are getting the raw end of the deal. While these thieves wallow in luxury, most people suffer in abject poverty, the consequence of an inhumane and lopsided arrangement which, if we look at our history, all came about because the Ilustrados in collaboration with the caciques,  snatched the leadership of the Katipunan from its legitimate leaders.

The same treachery exists today, with the economic elites conniving with their political counterparts to steal the people's hard earned taxes by way of public-private partnerships. Lack of government intervention and of implementing regulations have resulted to an environment punctuated by wanton rise of the prices of commodities and the seemingly disregard of Big Business in the overall welfare of consumers.

Abuse of the people's monies is a manifestation of the lack of respect these people, the economic and political elites, have towards ordinary Filipino citizens. They act as the real and present oppressors of the people, the scourge of democracy, the threat against liberty.

When you take part in today's event, you do so out of sheer love to the Motherland, who nurtured you and took you near her bosom. Luneta is a great place to express all those anger, its grounds made holy by the blood of many Filipinos who sacrificed their lives for liberty.

It is there, in Luneta, where shouts of liberty first came into being, muffled by the repeated sounds of bullets coming from the muskets of the foreign colonizers. While our patriots fell, they committed their souls to the Motherland. They shouted liberty until the very end.

When you go to Luneta today, re-commit yourselves to the Motherland by remembering these patriots who before you, laid down their lives before the altar of Liberty. When you take part in this massive event, be comforted by the fact that the very souls of these patriots are with you, raising their fists, shouting at the top of their voices and beating their breasts all for love of country.