Monday, August 25, 2014

Split among middle forces could put Aquino's administration in extreme jeopardy

I am personally sad by what I heard today---the split between those who want change in this country. Those who want to abolish pork, prosecute the thieves even those inside Malacanang, institutionalize change through people's initiative and support impeachment are encamped in Luneta. Another group, the Black and White movement led by Leah Navarro is forming a Coalition of  ordinary citizens who want reforms. Navarro's group obviously supports Pnoy because most of them work inside the Aquino administration, foremost of whom are Manolo Quezon and edwin lacierda who are part of the  President's communication team. Leah Navarro was once an appointee.They are expected to go against those who have legitimate causes against the Aquino administration since most of them are supportive of Dbm secretary butch Abad and are personally linked with Dilg secretary mar roxas and members of the Hyatt 10.

It is sad to see this once strong coalition of reformers now going on separate ways. During arroyo's time, Navarro and the rest of those now supporting the Scrap the Pork Network were allies, all united regardless of their differing ideologies. Now, this strong coalition is no more.

This split really is based on benefits. Navarro's group is benefitting from the powers in Malacanan. They are showing pragmatism mainly because they know that they'll lose access to the president if they show their true feelings about what is happening. This pork barrel issue and this impeachment has caused a very serious wedge that harms instead of improve the reformist movement in thePhilippines.

Why do I say so? Because the real enemies of Aquino could actually use this to justify extra constitutional action. I would not delve into specifics except to say that this split is a sign that there is now a clear existence of a revolutionary situation,something that could prove providential to those who truly want real change to happen and of course, this is likewise the case to those who only want nothing more than to snatch power from Aquino.

More than a drop in the surveys, this is a sign of a weakening of the Aquino administration. This split reflects the wedge between the Samar and balai groups,two groups which propelled Aquino to power. This rally is definitely just a public manifestation of this internal power struggle and is beginning to even spill over civil society ranks.

Blame the stupidity of this President and his men, for wanting nothing more than protect their own hides instead of pursuing the true path of change. Eventually,history will show that Aquino committed a very grave sin that will lead towards perdition. His perfidy, his hard line stance to protect Abad and members of the Hyatt 10 will eventually cause the early downfall of his regime.

Sad, but true.