Saturday, September 13, 2014

Aquino blames his bosses in the media for rise of crimes

Aquino just did a very un-Aquino thing---he just shot at the messenger. I think President Aquino forgot how his dad, the late Senator Ninoy Aquino began his career in politics--he was a cup reporter at the Manila Times when he was young and from there, kick-started his career in politics. Ninoy was a journalist. He was assigned to cover the Korean war and don't tell me, poor Noynoy, that your dad started a war?

Did the media kidnapped that Chinoy trader in broad daylight along busy EDSA and extorted millions from him? Was the media to be blamed for the kidnapping and rape of a young woman by two cops? Is Aquino saying that these things are not exactly true or are not exactly rampant, like those robberies and those kidnappings and those killings that are happening almost everywhere in this country?

Like his predecessor, the now sick Gloria Arroyo, Aquino wants us to always dream as if we are living in a perfumed garden or an Enchanted Kingdom. Mr. President, try to ride a jeepney or a pedicab. Try to secure a seat during rush hour at any MRT station and you'll get what I mean.

By the way, Gloria during those times when everything was on the verge of collapse, also used the very same rhetoric of us, living in an Enchanted Kingdom.

Aquino wants us to live in a Lie. He wants nothing more than picture a country in an ordered State, when the very fact is, chaos, disarray and a lack of order are things which we feel, see and hear nowadays.

There is no more Emmanuel Pelaez who had the temerity to question what is happening, because those who dared tell the truth are often shot, even murdered by the very keepers of this decrepit State.

What Aquino did was a disrespect to the profession and a virtual declaration of war against the Fourth Estate. Being accused of lying or of presenting the facts in a not-so-truthful way, is like slapping one in the face.

Now I appreciate what Boy Abunda, a fan of the president and close friend of his sister Kris, did. In every interview, before he ends it, Abunda always ask his guests to imagine facing a mirror and thereafter, answer a question.

Mr. President if you really want to know the truth why crimes are rising, go, face a mirror. Therein lies the answer.