Monday, September 8, 2014

MMDA chair does politics while NLEX traffic worsens

Why is MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino so quiet lately? Well, Tolentino has designated another person to speak for and on his behalf about metro traffic. And do you know why Tolentino wants to evade such traffic-related questions? Well, Tolentino thinks it might affect his chances of winning a senatorial spot come 2016.

Yes, guys, Francis Tolentino, the man behind all those traffic and garbage problems in Metro Manila, is thinking or actually preparing for a run at the Senate come 2016, sources say.

Tolentino, sources at the MMDA says, is running under the Liberal party of DILG secretary Mar Roxas. Sources say Tolentino has likewise intimated his desire to run in a political party of the Vice president Jejomar Binay, so there is a possibility that Tolentino will be a common candidate of both parties. Such strong connections eh?

Fact is, last Friday up to Sunday, while everybody is all frenzied up due to that serious traffic along NLEX, Tolentino is seen with several people, leading a program to declog Manila bay of trash. Nothing suspicious about this, since garbage management is part of MMDA responsibilities. However, where is the priority here? While people are agonizing over traffic in the North, here you have your MMDA chairman fraternalizing with several people, even laughing, and some even asking him about his political plans in 2016. Hey, Mr. Tolentino, what's up?