Friday, September 19, 2014

Cono politician faces lack of election financiers

For being bull-headed, a politician with presidential ambitions is now suffering from possible financial distress. Yes, his political backers have left him.

That is an obvious sign for him to just abandon his ambition. Yet, this politician is so blinded by his ambition that, sources say, he will still continue the path which his advisers already told him to abandon while he still can.

The thing is, this politician's attacks have backfired. Instead of his survey ratings going up, it went miserably down, even on the negative range. The victim of the attacks even improved in the ratings game.

This politician belongs to the oldest political party in the country, like his fellow attacker who is likewise desperate because he now lacks financial support as well. Worse for this fellow, this co-attacker is now being villified and is being isolated by his very own mass base.

Who is this politician who, according to sources is now feeling morose and is in the brink of maniacal depression?