Friday, September 19, 2014

Binay assumes statesmanship in speech---a small man being bullied by a Cono in the person of Cayetano

Binay goe on high ground which frustrated his enemies
News reports say political analysts were "baffled" with Vice President Jejomar Binay's speech. What is so baffling about his speech?

When a brand is being attacked, which in this case, the "Binay" political trademark, what is the best solution? The best way is to go back or revert to the brand's DNA. Why?

One must remind people of why they supported the brand in the first place. Reminding them, meaning the people, the audience, of the Binay political trademark evokes in them the feelings and thoughts which they originally had and had contributed towards their support of the vice president.

Fact is, the speech is a good example of the use of metaphors. The speech is filled with metaphors that appeal to the masses.

The vice president reminded people of his proletarian roots, of his struggle as a human rights lawyer and of his efforts to uplift the lives of Makati residents. He then distances himself from his political nemesis by stating that he came from the lowest rungs of society, he knows the condition of the masses and he wants the model of service he already did in Makati to benefit most of the country.

The thing is, says the vice president, is that some forces who belong to the traditional rich, are raising hell, and trying to prevent him from his ambition of giving comfort to the poor.

By using this strategy, the vice president effectively used metaphors to connect himself with the masses.

What the Vice President meant was all these attacks were perpetuated by rich people, referring to Senators Alan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes IV. Fact is, the speech was directed at Cayetano, who is widely believed to belong and being supported by rich financiers.

So, what is the image being evoked when you hear the speech? It is a strong image of a high-nose white man symbolized by Cayetano, and of a mosquito (as described by former senator Joker Arroyo) as represented by Trillanes IV, bullying a small, brown man symbolized by the Vice president Jejomar Binay.

What a creative move! The speech demolished whatever moves the opposition against the Vice President planned or is still in the works, because what the Vice President did was to elevate the discussion and provided the masses the MOTIVE behind the attacks.

Now, the opposition criticized the Vice President for not answering point-by-point allegations against him. Why would he?

Who, in his proper mind, would do that? That is like foolishly stepping on the pathological trap ensnared by his enemies. The opposition wants nothing more than get free space in their propaganda. The answer to that is limit this space by not engaging them in a public forum.

The opposition would rant and rant but they will not succeed.

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