Sunday, September 21, 2014

Derek ramsay says he loves his kid. So why did his son hate him so much?

Derek Ramsay, the actor who portrayed a philanderer in several of his movie hits, says he loves his kid. Okey, so why did the kid write a scathing letter addressed to the judge? The letter, shown to the media last Thursday, was authentic. It was full of information that shows how negligent Derek was in relation to his kid.

Will the actor do all the things expected of him as a father? Will the alleged amicable settlement lead to a normalization of the lives of the mother, mary jolly ramsay and the kid? We all hope for the best for them.

Some say that 48 or 45 million pesos being demanded by the wife of Derek ramsay is an exhorbitant amount. Well, come to think of it, that is just 1 million dollars. The kid is just 11years old. Imagine the cost of education when he goes to college, especially since he is based abroad. That amount includes spousal support.

We may think that the amount is excessive but derek ramsay's estimated net asset is beyond 500 millionn pesos rigt now being one o fthe most sought after actors in the industry today. According to sources, derek got 200 million pesos from tv5 and if he renews his contract which is expected to end by November, he is expected to get another 250 million. That is beside his earnings from numerous advertising contracts.

The Family code says that the wife is entitled to half of the properties earned by her husband. That is mandated by law. Since they are still married, mary jolly ramsay is legally entitled to half of derek's properties and assets which is about 200million. What is 48million pesos then?

Thats why i believe this case is not about money---  it is about derek  assuming the responsibility of a father to his kid and a husband to his legal wife. Now, why would he even contest that?